Sun Shine Valley


 Sunshine valley

 Sunshine valley- the neighbourhood that will bring to you the comfort you are looking for. with affordable apartments
, houses, and condos and a community that help accessories teh place. we have naer by resturants, grocery stores, and great accessibility to alternative transportation9 such as the public transit or subway). Also, we hvae a great opportunity for people who are seeking  employment. so come out and visit us ! Sunshine valley is and ideal place to live beacause it's an eco-friendly , safe and its affordable. if your tired and you want to in a peacful place why not go to the park! if you don't have a car, don't worry there is a bus stop located in your streets.


Sunshine valley has various types os institutional facilities and high standard education. We have the best locations of the public libary, it carrys all the information you will ever need. and all teh services are walking distance. Banks are no problem they are saffe and secure. Hospitals are always in your service an no need to panic you're always taken care of.

Transportation area

Don't worry about the transportation system; if you need to go somewhere and you don't have a car. The transit bus stop and subway staton is located near by. This service is also available for other uses.

Residential areas

If your dream is to live a luxries life, sunshine valley is the place for you and your family. Sunshine valley has the homes and apartment buildings. they are all high quality, low-cost, and all styles. We offer the cheapest hosue that money can buy, such as:
2 story house: (2-3 bedrooms) 200 000- 250 000
3 story house: (3-4 bedrooms) 300 000- 350 000
 we also have the luxries condos in all over the world and it's affordable for you and your family.
2 story house
3 story house

Industrial areas

we have the best high quality industrail institutions in sunshine valley. tehy have space for over 300 workers in total and they are looking for talented workers just like you. you get payed teh best amount you can't even think of. this would really benefit you if you were living in sunshien valley. you would never have to fear to get bankrupt.
McDonalds: $15.00 per hour
Popeyes: $14.00 per hour
Tim horton: $16.00 per hour
KFC: $15.00 per hour

Parks and open space

We have the largest open space. The park is the best place to relax, walk you dog or have family picnics. teh most memorable moment ; sunshine valley won't give you a chance to complain. You can afford eeverything in sunshine valley. That is why sunshine valley is the best.

Commercial areas

 sunshine valley provides fast food resturants such as:
Tim hortons
Shopping malls are scattered around the community they sell teh best high quality stuff that you won't find anywhere. teh malls sunshine valley includes are:
Town Center
Yorkdale Mall
Cederbrae Mall